Are SEO Keywords Important

SEO keywords

SEO Keywords make it easier for search engines to understand what your content is all about and help users find the information they need.

But before we get into more details about keywords let’s make sure you are familiar with SEO.

SEO is a practice that increases your visibility on the search engines. It is one of the most effective tools that are used to increase website visitors. It also set a recommendation and guidelines as the ways to improve a site ranking with the support of relevant keywords.

What is SEO Keyword?

The keyword is a word or set of words that define the topic of the post you are writing your content is about. Keywords can be seen as primary or secondary in the context of the content.

People use these SEO Keywords – words or phrases as a search terms when searching for information through a search engine. Search engines use a specific computer program called algorithms to determine what the keyword is and if it is relevant to a search term.

Why are keywords important?

For website owners, the main goal is to get organic traffic from search engine result pages (SERPs), and the keyword you choose for your content will determine what kind of traffic you will get.

To make sure you choose the right keyword, use authentic keyword research tools like keyword planner from Google, Moz, Semrush.

Pages that are tightly focused on a single topic rank higher in Google. One page will not rank high for a dozen phrases.

Types of Keywords

There are 3 types of keyword:

  • Primary keyword

As the name suggests, it is used before any other keywords on a web page or in an article. It should be included in a site’s title, domain, and in its content.

The primary keyword is essential for purposes of SEO as it is used to describe the web page as well as help people locate the site.

  • Secondary keyword

It is used after the primary keyword and is not required concerning SEO. The chances of attracting additional visitors to your site are increased when a secondary keyword is used.

  • Tertiary keyword

This type of keyword falls third in the line of importance and is used behind secondary keywords in keyword meta tags.

How to Choose The Right Keywords?

  • Learn more about your website niche.
  • If you are not able to find what kind of keywords you need, try to check out your competitors’ website and use that keyword as an example.
  • Use tool for researching keywords such as Google keywords planner or any other of the tools listed below.
  • Type your keywords into the keywords tool and get ideas.
  • Choose high volume keywords or high monthly searches keywords where the competition is low or medium.
  • Choose only 3–4 keywords for your each webpage.

Top SEO Keywords Research Tools

Keyword research for SEO is not an easy task. Once you have chosen the right keywords, you will have to create content using those keywords and within 2–3 months you have to rank on Google search engine.

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