How to Find the Most Searched Keywords

AMZScout Amazon keywords research

When most people think about keyword research, they think about finding the terms people search for on Google. However, depending on your site and niche, it might also benefit you to determine what keywords people are searching for on online marketplaces as well.

Take Amazon, for example. They’re the largest retailer in the world. If you’re operating an eCommerce site wouldn’t it make sense to see what terms shoppers are searching for there as well?

You may also be selling on Amazon as part of your business, in which case you’ll want to target your keyword research to that search engine in order to rank highly in their searches.

Keep reading to learn why you should do keyword research for online marketplaces and how you can easily find the most searched terms on Amazon.

Why You Should Use Marketplaces for Keyword Research

There are a number of reasons why you should look to marketplaces like Amazon to help with your keyword research:

  • They Show Consumer Trends: Determining which keywords are most frequently searched for on Amazon and other online retailers shows you which products are most popular at that moment.

  • Diversify Your Research: Google is still the king of search, but when it comes to eCommerce no one is bigger than Amazon. More and more people are heading straight to Amazon to search for products, so it makes sense to include their search results in your research as well.

  • Amazon Keywords are Buying Keywords: If you want to know what terms people search for when they’re ready to buy, Amazon is a great place to look. When someone searches for an item on Amazon more often than not they’re either there to buy or are very close to making a purchase.

  • They Help You Improve Your eCommerce Listings: If you have products listed on your own site, or you list products on other marketplaces, you’ll want to know how people are searching for those items on sites like Amazon so you can include them in your listings.

By expanding your keyword research to Amazon and other marketplace sites, you’ll get a more complete picture of the types of keywords that should be included in your pages.

So, now that you know why you should use keywords from online marketplaces let’s go over how you can find them. Use these tips to improve your rankings on Amazon and other search engines.

How to Do Keyword Research on Amazon

Just like Google, there are a number of keyword research tools designed specifically for Amazon. For the sake of our examples, we’ll be using AMZScout’s tools, but there are plenty of other options available and we encourage you to do your research and find the one that suits you best.

When it comes to researching keywords on Amazon, there are two methods you can use:

Search by Using a Seed Keyword

The first way to find keywords is by simply starting with a seed keyword. This could be a niche or the name of a product you’re interested in. Type your term into the search field of your keyword research tool to get dozens of related keywords arranged by monthly searches.

AMZScout Keyword Research on Amazon

This strategy is great for finding the best keywords in a niche or discovering other products related to your original item.

Search Using an Item’s ASIN Number

The other option is to find keywords based on an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Every item listed on Amazon has one of these numbers so it can be easily identified in their inventory. Go to the listing of the product you’re interested in, copy the ASIN, and enter it into a reverse ASIN lookup tool.

ASIN NumberThis will give you the most common keywords used to search for that particular product. It’s an excellent way to determine which terms you should include in a product listing page to make sure you’re showing up in the right searches.

How to Find the Most Searched Keywords in a Specific Category

You can also use marketplaces like Amazon to determine the most-searched keywords in specific shopping categories. The process is a little more complicated but can be accomplished using a few different tools that are readily available.

For this example, we’ll use electronics, as according to most sources it’s the most popular category on Amazon.

Go to the Amazon Best Sellers page and click on “Electronics.” Here you’ll see all the top-selling items in that category. We can reasonably assume that these are the products that are most searched for, but what terms are shoppers using to search for them?

For the next step, you’ll need a product research tool, like AMZScout’s Pro Extension. Open the tool to see the estimated sales for all the products listed. Sort the products by sales to ensure you’re looking at the items that are selling the most.

For the next step, you’ll need a product research tool, like AMZScout’s Pro Extension. Open the tool to see the estimated sales for all the products listed. Sort the products by sales to ensure you’re looking at the items that are selling the most.

AMZScouts Pro Extension

As you can see, the top-selling product in this category is Echo Dot. Click on the arrow next to it, then click “Get Keywords” to instantly get all the most searched terms for that item.

AMZScout Amazon keywords researchFor a more in-depth look, and to see the monthly searches for each keyword, click “Open Reverse ASIN Lookup to get more keywords.”

Reverse ASIN LookupDo this for all the top-selling items to find the most searched terms in that category.


Keywords from marketplaces like Amazon have an immense amount of value, whether you’re selling on these sites or not. They show you consumer trends, let you know what people search for when they’re ready to buy, and can help you improve the rankings of your eCommerce listings.

Take advantage of the many tools available to find these keywords, and implement them into your site and listings to drive more traffic to your pages.