Facebook: 4 Tips for Getting More Leads

Facebook Leads

Facebook has proven to be a great way for small businesses in getting new customers. But most business owners are not using Facebook with its full potential. Especially the new features, Facebook has added that could be really useful for small businesses.

Facebook has more than 1.6 billion daily active users, with each one of them spending an average of 50 minutes within their apps.

Let’s start with the basics. Facebook offers a free business presence on Facebook – you create your free Facebook page where you build your base of fans, post pictures, offers, articles, and more.

The other option is paid to advertise and having a paid presence. Facebook’s advertising platform offers really great customizations such as target your specific audiences by location, by age, gender, education level, hobby, and occupation. If your Facebook Ads campaign is generating traffic without getting you leads, the problem likely isn’t the substance of your ads.

To help you conquer your goals, below are 4 techniques that will help you in generating more leads for your product through your fan page.

Improve your page

It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page for your business. There a few things that can help you to make it more informative, appealing and engaging. One of the main areas you have to focus on is your Facebook cover and profile image.

Another important area is the company description. Remember that only the first 125 characters will appear on the main page, so you have to fit the most important description for your company into that 125 characters. Also, don’t forget to include your main web address and a short sentence describing your business.

Take advantage of the “Invite Email Contacts” feature. What this does is allowing you to send a note to any email list inviting them to “Like” your Facebook page.

Facebook ads leads

Use Facebook Ad-Ons

According to VentureBeat there are over 60 million active business Pages.

Here are just a few examples that can help you increase your visibility to a larger audience by allowing users to perform multiple actions with a single click such as a registration form that lets users sign up for your website directly from Facebook, or Facebook shows mutual friends at the top users who liked your business page.

Run Deals and Promo Codes

There are many reasons why you should adopt promo codes in your business marketing strategy. Online coupons allow you to showcase prospects, bring back old customers, and convince hesitant customers to place an order.

It is a good way to promote products on social media is by giving away deals and promo codes. Using social media regularly and provide special deals to your customers so that you keep them engaged at all times. You can also add some creativity to help them turn loyal towards your brand in the long term – for example, discounts for birthdays.

Create Captivating Content

In order to generate leads and increase your followers, your fan page must be a source of helpful, valuable, shareable information.

Most importantly keep your posts short – 100-150 word range as they have a higher chance to get more “likes” than longer ones. Don’t forget if you can include a photo as that increases the chance by 120%-180% more engagement. And keep posting at least weekly.

Using Facebook Lead ads is easy and it offers many targeting options and generates lots of leads. A smaller, more targeted audience will always yield more results than a larger one.

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