10+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are a global internet revolution, designed to help all these millions of people on earth to stay connected with their friends, share experiences and photographs and exchange personal content. People usually use sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs, but social media is beyond those websites.


WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform application, offering services like free messaging and Voice over IP and it was bought by Facebook in 2014. Today WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app. It has a long list of features, and supports a wide range of devices.

Tencent QQ

QQ is developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent and it is a messaging software service and web portal. It can be used for texts, video calls and voice chats. It has over 800 million active users.


WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, mobile payment and social media application developed by Chinese tech giant Tencent. It was first released in 2011. WeChat social network application is has similarities to Facebook and WhatsApp and it offers a lot of extra features.


Tumblr is a social blogging platform, allowing its registered users to follow other users, upload multimedia posts, and engage in communities without some of the constraints found on Twitter or Facebook.
Tumblr platform is getting popular and growing rapidly, and some retailers are now using the service as part of their social media marketing efforts.


Viber is operated by Japanese multinational company Rakuten and it is instant messaging (IM) software application nd a cross-platform voice over IP (VoIP). A feature called Viber Out, lets users have the option to call mobile and landline numbers, giving the ability to contact people that may not be Viber users.


LINE is a social messaging platform that has options like share text messages, photos, videos, and even audio messages or files. It allows you to use features like video and voice calls at any time of the day.


VKontakte VK is more popular in Eastern Europe and the top social networking platform in Russia that offers quite similar features to Facebook social networking.


Telegram is a cloud-based services offering features like instant messaging and IP. The platform’s users can use features such as exchanging photos, send videos and messages, stickers, audio and files of any type. Default Messages and media in Telegram are encrypted when stored on its servers, but can be accessed by the Telegram service provider


Badoo is a dating-focused social network founded by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev in 2006. It is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus. Badoo is the fastest-growing Social Networking platform for Meeting New People not only near you but in the world and leading platform for flirting & dating, meeting, chatting, in Europe.


Myspace is a music-focused social networking site and provides an interactive and user-submitted network of friends. This platform offers features like personal profiles, videos, blogs, groups, pictures, and more.


Flixster is an American social networking site for people who love movies and want to connect with like-minded people by sharing their movie reviews and ratings.

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