How to Improve Your Google Ranking

Google Ranking

You can improve Google Ranking by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website. You need to implement both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques to improve Google Ranking.
There are several major SEO aspects you have to focus to improve your Google ranking:

Top Factors for Higher Google Ranking

1. Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important factor for any website to rank well on search engines. Keywords research is the foundation of SEO and all your techniques and effort depend on keywords. Choosing the right keyword and high volume keyword which has low competition as this will help rank better and it should be relevant to your business.
Keyword research is a vital aspect of an SEO campaign as it helps you find out which keywords are being used by potential customers to find your website. Using long-tail keywords to your page will help improve the chances of getting listed for relevant search.

Best places to include your targeted keywords:
  • Meta title – Place your targeted keywords in meta title of each web page. The best approach is if start the title with keywords and keep length under 60 characters.
  • Meta Description – Meta Description is one of the most important tag and Google Ranking factor, where you have to describe your product, service or business within 160 characters. Try to use keywords in starting of description.
  • Headings – If you are using headings on your website, don’t forget to include your targeted keywords in headings.
  • Image Alt text – If you are using images on your website or blog don’t forget to use keywords in image Alt text since this is important for Google, because Google bots can’t read image but can read image Alt text.
  • Content optimization – Before write any content for website or blog you need to find out what keywords to use and implement them in the content properly.
  • Keyword Stuffing – It show a number of keywords used in your content. Ideal keyword density should be 1-3%.

2.Technical Optimization

Technically optimization is important part of SEO and helps Google to read your website’s text and code.
Your URL structure MUST be kept below a hundred characters long, use dashes instead of underscores and skip special characters.
Including basic keywords as a unique title tag is a Frame that is at the beginning of the title.
You should have a unique meta description page for each page consisting of one or two sentences describing the page.
You should keep track of your duplicate content and solved it to avoid confusion for search engines.
An XML site-map is essential for the website and should be submitted to Google webmaster tools to get the content checked. Every time new content is added require updating and resubmitting it.

3.Ease Of Use

No matter how good the content and the design of your website is, if it is not easy for users to find what they are looking for, it won’t help you.
For users to easily find what they are looking for it is important the use of labeling content.
Easy and smooth navigation can help your website’s visitors access the rest of the webpages apart from the home page.
The interest of visitors can be retained with including good quality content with relevant keywords and crisp information.

4. Quality Content

It is important to invest money in updating your website with fresh and engaging information, due to the main focus of SEO is good quality content.
Gaining quality links and increasing the authority of the website can be achieved by uploading new content in the company blog.
Promoting e-books properly can bring in new links.
Using visual content like charts and infographics can easily attracts visitors.

5. Use Social Media

Implementing a good social media strategy will work in your favor. In order for this to work, you must first understand your target audience and make use of a few specific social media channels where they are most active.
Connecting with people who have many followers on social media can help you as information will be shared quickly.

Focusing on link building is important to improve the credibility of the website. One effective way is guest blogging.

7. Create Responsive Website

Having a responsive website is an essential key in today’s world where mobile usage on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops surpasses desktop.

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