How Much Does SEO Services Cost

SEO Services cost

SEO Services Cost for any website depends on various parameters and website structure itself. If you have an eCommerce website then the charges are different than a normal website.

Calculating the total price of SEO services may be defined by expertise, history of successful results, reputation, number of employees and many other factors.

The SEO of a website depends on the requirements and the proper strategic plan. The SEO cost may varies from companies to companies as well as packages.

How much does SEO Services cost?

The cost for seo services depends for a few factors to consider:

  • The quality of SEO you’re receiving.
  • The context of the SEO campaign
  • The type of SEO campaign

SEO Cost are depends on these following factors:

Industry Type:

  • Information based website
  • Service based website
  • eCommerce website (single-vendor or multi-vendor)
    • Single-vendor
    • Multi-vendor

Target Market:

  • Local /Regional / No. of Cities
  • National
  • Global

SEO Cost depend per your needs

  • Number of keywords website is optimizing
  • SEO for Lead generation purpose

Most of the professional SEO service provider do these:

  • Basic SEO Audit the eCommerce site (Free/Paid – depends on SEO agency)
  • Detailed SEO Audit (Most of time it’s paid)
  • Keyword Analysis
  • ON Page SEO (Do proper on page on-page optimization through out the eCommerce website including home page, all category pages, all products page)
  • Content Marketing
  • Generate Quality Backlinks
  • Local Citation (if local business)
  • Social Sharing / Reputation Management

Most of the SEO company charges as per:

  • Monthly Basis
  • Hourly Basis
  • Project basis

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