How long will it take a new website to rank in Google?

new website ranking

The normal time for a new website to rank on Google SEO techniques is around 3 to 6 months. When you take the low competitive keywords, your blog will rank within 3 months. On the other hand, some keywords will rank within 6 months.

Popular keywords with high search demand are almost impossible to rank for in less than a year. There are many factors that come into consideration according to Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List.

Below are some of the factors which will help you to rank on google.

SEO for new website

Search Engine Optimization helps you to get explore to Googlebot’s and other indexing programs. This includes things like titles, descriptions, keywords, headings, and alt image text.

Domain age.

At initial level may be a domain less than six months old is considered a “new”, and therefore less trustworthy. New sites can still be ranked, but rankings are more likely to increase after the six-month window.

Keyword competition

Competition plays a crucial role, keywords with high competition will take time and only established sites in your industry have grabbed top positions for popular searches. If your site is new, it will be easier to build trust and rankings through keywords with lower levels of competition.

Content quality

The algorithm of Google is designed in such a way that they identify how often new content is published, whether the content is original, as well as the length and overall quality of your writeups.

Designing a website for mobile, ensure using a mobile-responsive website with compressed code. Also, remove excess content to increase page load speed.

  • Responsive web design
  • Creation of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)
  • Reduction of Unnecessary content
  • Improvement of page load time

Building links means that your business is being linked as well as a reference to other sites. This tells Google that a website is authoritative which helps to increase ranking on Google.

Promote your website on social media and elsewhere to bring people to your site. Create a Facebook page for your website, either as a group or fan page.

If your website is for a business, sign up on Google Maps and tag your business on the map. Also, look for online business and professional directories to add links to your website.

Get Reviews on Google My Business:

Reviews are an important factor to your small business especially a new website or new business because having review especially having positive reviews is a ranking factor on Google.

People are more likely to click and visit your business if it’s listed with a lot of good reviews. To get reviews, start asking your loyal customers and to leave reviews on major sites such as Google.

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