Impactful Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization

Impactful Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization 2

The use of high-quality visuals and images in displaying content, in the past actually wasn’t easy. However, things have definitely changed in today’s world.

Thanks to advances in technology, especially with the Internet and social media, the evolution of images and visual media has been astronomical.

Remember when we used to see simple HTML and dial-up connections as the order of the day?

Remember how it used to take minutes to load simple pictures and sometimes, they’d just get stuck in the middle?

Well, those days are definitely in the past now. The average Internet speed is now being measured in Mbps, and this means that the new norm when it comes to online content can accommodate the inclusion of photos, GIFs, memes, and eve videos.

Social media has also helped with this. A lot of websites use various social media platforms to get traffic to their pages. With the right kind of images, you can actually have a killer content display strategy. Today, marketers who rely more on visuals are able to gain more followers, larger audiences and record higher returns on their investment.

Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization

In a nutshell, here are a few things that proper images can help with:

Site Load Times

One of the most important parts of image SEO is reducing the size of pictures. The seed of a page’s loading is dependent on the size of images that it has.

Improved Image Search Rankings

Google photo searches have continued to gain more popularity year after year. As a matter of fact, 60% of people who browse through pictures on Google are likely to go on to check the source of the results they see. Large SEO is a major away of boosting your rankings on Google searches. This, in turn, will divert more traffic to your site; which is the goal of SEO in the first place.

Impactful Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization 3
Impactful Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization 4

Improved User Experiences

SEO-friendly images are known to provide positive impacts on the overall user experience that your site provides. These images engage the audience and can improve your site’s bounce rate.

The Development of Viral Content

Pictures that can tell relevant stories on their own are more likely to go viral. It’s simple as that.